About David Arteaga - David Arteaga

       A little hesitant in escaping my original habitat of massive gray buildings, busy streets and sounds of the daily grind in New York City...theses images express my appreciation of the nature of Long Island...its astounding landscapes...just the variety of carefree wildlife. I feel so very fortunate to have this opportunity to capture just a little portion of this awe through a lens. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed taking them.

I do love other things besides photography:

1) My Family

2) My smart and crazy dog, Max

3) Edy's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

4) Bacon

     As you can see in my images, I love the light. Beaches are a great place to unwind and take a mental moment.  I enjoy but strive to capture a scene that you as consumers can bring home and imagine yourself there. The equipment and tools used in agriculture are a very essential need in our communities and all   over the whole world. My farmscapes are a tribute to just that. From time to time, I may run into an uncertain beauty; such as a  an old tractor, rusted truck or forgotten marsh land. I have so much appreciation for these treasures and I'm sure many others feel as I do.

      I am an evolving photographer, walk with me as I continue to capture more hidden gems of Long Island.


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